Bioshock Remaster Finally Officially Announced

The year of the remasters keeps coming up with more and more titles, nurmerous games getting their own scale and polish so to speak. Bioshock is the latest game to get the treatment after 2K Games made the official announcement today.

It’s been one of the worst kept secrets in gaming as a lot of people knew it had been on the cards for a while now.

Titled Bioshock the Collection it will come with all three Bioshock games 1,2 and Infinite. It will be released 16th September this year and will come with all the single player DLC. Unfortunate news is that Bioshock 2 will not include the multiplayer.

Bioshock will come with a video series the “Director’s Commentary: Imagining Bioshock” where the creative director from the first and Infinite Ken Levine and Shaun Robertson who was the creative lead from the first and then the creative director on Infinite will both feature. Museum of Orphaned Concepts which you may guess will showcase at discarded concepts which never made it to the first game. The most interesting to be included is the Challenge Rooms which takes place outside of the main story it will include puzzles, splicers and big Daddies, along with some more achievements.

Minerva’s Den will be included with Bioshock 2 a self contained story. A fight with the Lancer Big Daddy as you explore a different side of rapture. A couple of unique combat abilities with the Ion Laser and Gravity Well plasmid. Also Protector Trials where events unfold just before the second game you take the form of a Big Daddy recently woken up from hibernation.

Finally Bioshock Infinite will come with Clash on the Clouds challenge based with 60 waves which is across four additional maps and also unlock more areas for the Columbian Archaeological Society hub Museum. Columbia’s Finest Pack which includes 500 silver eagles, five pick locks, six unique gear items, and two weapon upgrades. The upgrades are Comstock’s Eagle Eye sniper rifle and Comstock’s China Broom shotgun. Burial at Sea comes with two dlc episodes, the episodes act as a prequel to the Bioshock trilogy as you go back to events before the first.

Getting the chance to revisit three of the best single player games ever is one that we are most certainly looking forward to. The year of remasters is looking pretty damn good.


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